Application Process


We find that most BONDED users only need to apply BONDED once every 2-3 months. With thicker hair types, you may find it is better to apply more frequently and that is OK! This also goes for curly-coarse hair. You will find that with every application, your results will get better and better, as they compound! We recommend to leave a minimum of 2 weeks between treatments.

Is this easy to use at home?

Yes, BONDED has been specifically designed and produced for easy at-home use. Brushes, bowls, gloves, and all other traditional salon equipment are/is not required, making BONDED Keratin the first of its kind. This means it can be applied just like a hair mask followed by blow-drying and straightening your hair for salon-quality results. BONDED Keratin is also available in selected salons around the world.

How much do I use at once?

Use the same amount as you would use when washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. That is about the size of 50c coin (or half dollar coin).

Can BONDED be used on all hair types?

Yes, BONDED Keratin Mending Treatment will work for all hair types, thicknesses, and colours. If your hair is bleached blonde, please ensure you do not exceed the recommended guidelines for the hair straightening process (including the temperature and repetition guidelines provided - refer to Instructions).

How long will it take to apply BONDED?

The length of the at-home BONDED Keratin application depends on your hair length and goals. First, the Deep Cleansing Shampoo is used (just like a normal shampooing process), followed by applying the Keratin Mending Treatment and leaving it in for just 10 minutes. You must then blow-dry your hair and straighten your hair. Thin sections of your hair should be straightened at approx. 200 degrees Celsius (392 Fahrenheit) for up to 8 repetitions. This means the entire process can take about 1 hour if completed in full. A drastic reduction in time compared to traditional keratin treatments which can take anywhere from 2-4 hours in salon.

Do I leave the treatment in or rinse it out before drying and straightening?

Leave it in for 10 minutes for optimal results. Then, blow-dry your hair thoroughly and follow the flat iron/straightening steps provided!

Can I use this with hair extensions?

Yes, you can! Simply avoid the tape area at the roots and apply the treatment to your lengths and ends. The perfect way to smoothen, de-frizz, and protect your extensions and natural hair together!

Will this affect my hair colour (especially if I have blonde hair)?

Traditional keratin treatments may strip or damage hair and hair colour. However, contrary to popular belief, this is usually a case of the straightener/flat iron being set a temperature that is too high (heat damage). To avoid this, please do not exceed the guidelines provided. BONDED Keratin will not strip or damage your hair colour. It is excessive straightening/heat damage which can and this should be kept in mind for hair routines in general (even if not using a keratin treatment).

I have just coloured my hair or am about to colour my hair. Should I wait?

We recommend using BONDED approx. 3 days before colouring your hair. If colouring your hair after using BONDED Keratin, just be sure to let your hairdresser know that you have recently done a keratin treatment.

I want to maintain my curls, waves, and/or afro hair. Will BONDED Keratin impact this?

BONDED is curly girl friendly and can be used to maintain curls, waves, and/or afro hair without impacting your look. BONDED is not a permanent straightener and will not take away volume, curls, and waves. It will smoothen, de-frizz, and improve the health and strength of your hair!

Can I use this during pregnancy?

The BONDED Keratin Mending Treatment has no harsh chemicals and is free of Formaldehyde. Many pregnant women around Australia have used the treatment. Please refer to the ingredients list and consult a medical professional before using the treatment, if you have any concerns.

There is vapour/smoke when I dry and straighten my hair during application. What can I do?

That's okay! It is completely normal to experience a bit of vapour. Apply the treatment to your hair in a well ventilated area and remember, a little goes a long way! Only use an amount of treatment that is the size of a 50c (half dollar) coin or less. Using too much treatment can leave your hair feeling oily or sticky.

If you have used a bit too much treatment, simply towel dry your hair before blow drying and straightening!

Will this leave a smell in my hair?

No! BONDED is free of artifical oils and fragrances (such as coconut oil) that can tend to leave a 'rotten' or harsh smell in the hair-post application! It is as clean as it gets when it comes to keratin!

Maintenance Post Application

Can I wash my hair right away and when can I return to my normal routine?

Unlike many other treatments which require you to wait days before washing, with BONDED, you can wash your hair the same day and return to your normal routine. It is recommended that only sulphate free shampoos and conditioners are used to wash your hair. This will help maintain your new hair for as long as possible.

What do i do to maintain my hair?

Simply use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner when you wash your hair as part of your normal routine. After washing your hair, we recommend giving it a quick blow-dry! You will notice that BONDED will reduce your drying and styling time by up to 50%! That is a lot of extra free time.

What happens when I wash my hair?

After washing your hair (whenever you decide to), you will find your hair is a lot smoother and softer than usual. You will also find that your hair is much more manageable and frizz simply fades away with a quick blow dry. You will also begin to feel the benefits of repaired and strengthened hair as the keratin and collagen proteins do their work!

How often can I apply BONDED?

It is recommended to wait at-least two weeks before re-applying. With results lasting up to 3 months with thorough application, you may find that with thick/coarse hair, more frequent applications to begin with will get your hair to a great basis! The treatment has a compounding affect meaning results will just continue to get better with use.

How long will the treatment last?

BONDED Keratin will last in your hair for up to 3 months (or as your hair grows out). The visibility and strength of the results depends on your hair type and thickness (as with any hair product or treatment). To maximise the duration of your treatment, please ensure to use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner so that the treatment is not stripped from your hair. It is also recommended to blow dry your hair after washing for longer lasting, more visible results.

P.S. there is enough product for 2 or more uses included in a duo (that is up to 6 months worth)!

I have a bit of frizz after washing my hair. Will my results get better? What can i do?

That is okay! Firstly, simply blow dry your hair after washing. The frizz will fade away! Each application will lead to better hair as results compound when it comes to BONDED (your hair will improve). The visibility and strength of the results depends from one application alone depend on your hair type and thickness (as with any hair product or treatment). Again, it is recommended to dry your hair after washing for longer lasting, more visible results.


Please note this is a hair smoothing treatment and not a chemical hair straightener. This means that frizz will dramatically reduce and it will not permanently straighten your hair. After washing your hair, blow-drying and styling time will significantly decrease (up to 50%) and you will find that your hair is more manageable, smoother, stronger, and has a natural glow.

Still unsure if this is right for you?

Check out our Instagram @bondedhaircare or reach out to our team. We will happily address any concerns or questions you may have.